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020 _a9781118496428
040 _cIIT Kanpur
041 _aeng
082 _a620.2
100 _aCrocker, Malcolm J.
245 _aEngineering acoustics
_bnoise and vibration control
_cMalcolm J. Crocker and Jorge P. Arenas
260 _bWiley
300 _axxiii, 759p
440 _aWiley series in acoustics, noise and vibration
520 _aA masterful introduction to the theory of acoustics along with methods for the control of noise and vibration In Engineering Acoustics: Noise and Vibration Control, two experts in the field review the fundamentals of acoustics, noise, and vibration. The authors show how this theoretical work can be applied to real-world problems such as the control of noise and vibration in aircraft, automobiles and trucks, machinery, and road and rail vehicles.
650 _aNoise control
650 _aAcoustical engineering
650 _aDamping (Mechanics)
700 _aArenas, Jorge P.
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