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100 _aLarkoski, Andrew J.
245 _aQuantum mechanics
_ba mathematical introduction
_cAndrew J. Larkoski
260 _bCambridge University Press
300 _axvi, 380p
500 _aFundamental constants and units
520 _aThis original and innovative textbook takes the unique perspective of introducing and solving problems in quantum mechanics using linear algebra methods, to equip readers with a deeper and more practical understanding of this fundamental pillar of contemporary physics. Extensive motivation for the properties of quantum mechanics, Hilbert space, and the Schrödinger equation is provided through analysis of the derivative, while standard topics like the harmonic oscillator, rotations, and the hydrogen atom are covered from within the context of operator methods. Advanced topics forming the basis of modern physics research are also included, such as the density matrix, entropy, and measures of entanglement. Written for an undergraduate audience, this book offers a unique and mathematically self-contained treatment of this hugely important topic. Students are guided gently through the text by the author's engaging writing style, with an extensive glossary provided for reference and numerous homework problems to expand and develop key concepts. Online resources for instructors include a fully worked solutions manual and lecture slides.
650 _aQuantum theory
650 _aPhysics
650 _aRelativistic quantum theory
650 _aRelativity (Physics)
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