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040 _cIIT Kanpur
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100 _aMiura, Koryo
245 _aForms and concepts for lightweight structures
_cKoryo Miura and Sergio Pellegrino
260 _bCambridge University Press
300 _ax, 403p
520 _aCovering a wide range of structural concepts and presenting both relevant theories and their applications to actual structures, this book brings together for the first time lightweight structures concepts for many different applications and the relevant scientific literature, thus providing unique insights into a fascinating field of human endeavour. Evolved from a series of graduate courses taught by the authors at the University of Tokyo, the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, the University of Cambridge and the California Institute of Technology, this textbook provides both theoretical and practical insights and presents a range of examples which also provide a history of key lightweight structures since the Apollo age. This essential guide will inspire the imagination of engineers and provide an analytical foundation for all readers.
650 _aStructural engineering
650 _aLightweight construction
700 _aPellegrino, Sergio
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