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020 _a9788179934043
040 _cIIT Kanpur
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100 _aKhoiyangbam, R. S.
245 _aBiogas technology
_btowards sustainable development
_cR. S. Khoiyangbam, Navindu Gupta and Sushil Kumar
260 _bTERI Press
_aNew Delhi
300 _axvi, 200p
520 _aThe global demand for energy is met mainly by fossil fuels. Their excessive and indiscriminate use, coupled with increasing demand for energy, will soon deplete their existing reserves. Therefore, it is extremely important to find alternative, environment-friendly, and ecologically sound sources of energy for meeting the present and future energy requirements. Biogas Technology: Towards Sustainable Development makes an attempt to explore the potential of utilizing biodegradable biomass as fuel and manure.
650 _aSustainable development
650 _aIndia
650 _aBiogas
700 _aGupta, Navindu
700 _aKumar, Sushil
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