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020 _a9781108413022
040 _cIIT Kanpur
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082 _a346.0664
100 _aPlessis, Jean Jacques du
245 _aPrinciples of contemporary corporate governance
_cJean Jacques du Plessis, Anil Hargovan and Jason Harris
250 _a4th ed.
260 _aCambridge
_bCambridge University Press
300 _axxxviii, 462p
520 _aNow in its fourth edition, Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance offers comprehensive coverage of the key topics and emerging themes in private sector corporate governance. It explains both the principles of corporate governance systems and their real-world application in an authoritative and engaging manner. This fully revised and updated text has four parts: basic concepts, board structures and company officers; corporate governance in Australia; corporate governance in international and global contexts; and shareholder activism and business ethics. The coverage of international contexts includes sections on the US, the UK, Canada, South Africa, the EU, the OECD, Germany, Japan, China and Indonesia, plus new sections on New Zealand and India. A new chapter on business ethics and corporate governance presents contemporary discussions on the topic and explores some of the broader legal issues. Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance is an indispensable resource for business and law students, academic researchers and practitioners
650 _aCorporate governance -- Law and legislation
650 _aComparative law
700 _aHargovan, Anil
700 _aHarris, Jason
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