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040 _cIIT Kanpur
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100 _aAjit Kumar
245 _aFundamentals of quantum mechanics
_cAjit Kumar
260 _bCambridge University Press
300 _axvi, 430p
520 _aThe book discusses fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics, including the state of a quantum mechanical system, operators, superposition principle and measurement postulate. The notion of an operator and the algebra of operators is introduced with the help of elementary concepts of mathematical analysis. The mathematical tools developed here will help resolve the difficulties encountered in classical physics while trying to explain the experimental results involving atomic spectra and other phenomena. The differential equations that arise while solving eigen-value problems are solved rigorously, to make the text self-sufficient. The solutions are then physically interpreted and explained. The book covers modern algebraic language of quantum mechanics, wherein the fundamental concepts and methods of solutions are translated into the algebraic formalism and compared with the earlier simpler approach. The text offers solved examples and homework problems to help students solve practical problems requiring quantum mechanical treatment.
650 _aQuantum theory
650 _aQuantum theory -- Mathematics
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