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020 _a9781786344960
040 _cIIT Kanpur
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082 _a624.176
245 _aVibration-based techniques for damage detection and localization in engineering structures
_cedited by Ali S. Nobari and M. H. Ferri Aliabadi
260 _bWorld Scientific
_aNew Jersey
300 _ax, 243p
440 _aComputational and experimental methods in structures
440 _a / edited by Ferri M. H. Aliabadi; v.10
520 _aIn the oil and gas industries, large companies are endeavoring to find and utilize efficient structural health monitoring methods in order to reduce maintenance costs and time. Through an examination of the vibration-based techniques, this title addresses theoretical, computational and experimental methods used within this trend. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of established and emerging processes, this book enables the reader to draw their own conclusions about the field of vibration-controlled damage detection in comparison with other available techniques. The chapters offer a balance between laboratory and practical applications, in addition to detailed case studies, strengths and weakness are drawn from a broad spectrum of information.
650 _aVibration-based techniques
700 _aNobari, Ali S. [ed.]
700 _aAliabadi, M. H. Ferri [ed.]
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