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020 _a9780128118245
040 _cIIT Kanpur
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082 _a530.15118
100 _aPeksen, Murat
245 _aMultiphysics modelling
_bmaterials, components, and systems
_cMurat Peksen
260 _bElsevier
300 _axxiii, 259p
520 _aMultiphysics Modelling: Materials, Components, and Systems focuses on situations where coupled phenomena involving a combination of thermal, fluid, and solid mechanics occur. Important fundamentals of the various physics that are required in multiphysics modelling are introduced and supported with practical problems. More advanced topics such as creep deformation, fatigue and fracture, multiphase flow or melting in porous media are tackled. 3D interactions in system architectures and energy systems such as batteries, reformer or fuel cells, and modelling of high-performance materials are exemplified. Important multiphysics modelling issues are highlighted. In addition to theory, solutions to problems, such as in linear and non-linear situations are addressed, as well as specific solutions for multiphysics modelling of fluid-solid, solid-solid and fluid-fluid interactions are given. Drawing on teaching experience, industry solutions, and the latest research, this book is the most complete guide to multiphysics modelling available for students and researchers in diverse science and engineering disciplines. Provides a thorough intro to the theory behind multiphysics modeling Covers both linear and non-linear material behaviors Helps to answer practical questions such as when to use 2D or 3D modeling
650 _aMathematical physics
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