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082 _a621.384
100 _aBiswas, Arumita
245 _aWireless communication
_btheory and applications
_cArumita Biswas and Mainak Chowdhury
260 _bCambridge University Press
300 _axxix, 543p
505 _aOwing to the rapid developments and growth in the telecommunications industry, the need to develop relevant skills in this field are in high demand. Wireless technology helps to exchange the information between portable devices situated globally. In order to fulfil the demands of this developing field, a unified approach between fundamental concepts and advanced topics is required. The book bridges the gap with a focus on key concepts along with the latest developments including turbo coding, smart antennas, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system, and software defined radio. It also underpins the design requirements of wireless systems and provides comprehensive coverage of the cellular system and its generations: 3G and 4G (Long Term Evolution). With numerous solved examples, numerical questions, open book exam questions, and illustrations, undergraduates and graduate students will find this to be a readable and highly useful text.
650 _aWireless communication systems
700 _aChowdhury, Mainak
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