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_bP27 pt.1
245 _aThe chemistry of the hydrazo, azo and azoxy groups, pt.1
_cedited by Saul Patai
260 _aLondon
_bJohn Wiley
300 _axiv, 597p
505 _aThe most complete resource in functional group chemistryPatai's Chemistry of Functional Groups is one of chemistry's landmark book series in organic chemistry. An indispensible resource for the organic chemist, this is the most comprehensive reference available in functional group chemistry. Founded in 1964 by the late Professor Saul Patai, the aim of Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups is to cover all the aspects of the chemistry of an important functional group in each volume, with the emphasis not only on the functional group but on the whole molecule.
650 _aChemistry
700 _aPatai, Saul [ed.]
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