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100 _aHui, Rongqing
245 _aIntroduction to fiber-optic communications
_cRongqing Hui
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520 _aIntroduction to Fiber-Optic Communications provides students with the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of modern optical fiber communications and applications, striking a fine balance between theory and practice that avoids excessive mathematics and derivations. Unlike other textbooks currently available, this book covers all of the important recent technologies and developments in the field, including electro-optic modulators, coherent optical systems, and silicon integrated photonic circuits. Filled with practical, relevant worked examples and exercise problems, the book presents complete coverage of the topics that optical and communications engineering students need to be successful. From principles of optical and optoelectronic components, to optical transmission system design, and from conventional optical fiber links, to more useful optical communication systems with advanced modulation formats and high-speed DSP, this book covers the necessities on the topic, even including today’s important application areas of passive optical networks, datacenters and optical interconnections. Covers fiber-optic communication system fundamentals, design rules and terminologies Provides students with an understanding of the physical principles and characteristics of passive and active fiber-optic components Teaches students how to perform fiber-optic system design, performance evaluation and troubleshooting Includes modern advances in modulation and decoding strategies
650 _aOptical communications
650 _aFiber optics
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