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020 _a9780415787253
040 _cIIT Kanpur
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082 _a658.5752
100 _aBoyl, Brian L. M.
245 _aInteraction for designers
_bhow to make things people love
_cBrian L. M. Boyl
260 _bRoutledge
_aNew York
300 _axxiii, 311p
520 _aInteraction for Designers shows you how to connect a product with its users, whether it’s a simple toaster, a complex ecosystem of intelligent devices, or a single app on your smartphone. This book covers the entire design process so you can start with an idea and carry it through to an engaging final design. It carefully leads you step by step and richly illustrates each stage with examples drawn from business communication, social media and the social economy, consumer electronics, architecture and environments, health care, psychology, art and culture, education, athletics, automotive design, entertainment, fashion, the family home, and a wealth of others. You’ll learn how to brainstorm ideas, research them, explore them, evolve them into finished designs, pitch them, all with the goal of helping you make things that people love. Includes over 200 color images, a glossary, and links to web resources highlighting design concepts and designer interviews.
650 _aProduct design
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