ME 2017-18 /cgi-bin/koha/ RSS feed for public list ME 2017-18 A textbook for heat transfer fundamentals by Bayazitoglu, Yildiz /cgi-bin/koha/ Application of thermo-fluid processes in energy systems /cgi-bin/koha/ Applied nanoindentation in advanced materials /cgi-bin/koha/ Biodegradable and biocompatible polymer composites /cgi-bin/koha/ Biomechanical microsystems /cgi-bin/koha/ Bionanocomposites /cgi-bin/koha/ Boiling /cgi-bin/koha/ Brain-machine interface by Liu, Xilin /cgi-bin/koha/ Characteristics and control of low temperature combustion engines by Maurya, Rakesh Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Combustion engine diagnosis by Isermann, Rolf /cgi-bin/koha/ Compact heat exchangers by Zohuri, Bahman /cgi-bin/koha/ Computational design of rolling bearings by Nguyen-Schafer, Hung /cgi-bin/koha/ Computational fluid dynamics by Kajishima, Takeo /cgi-bin/koha/ Dielectrophoresis by Pethig, Ronald /cgi-bin/koha/ Droplet wetting and evaporation /cgi-bin/koha/ Elastic, plastic and yield design of reinforced structures by Patrick de Buhan /cgi-bin/koha/ Elements of robotics by Ben-Ari, Mordechai /cgi-bin/koha/ Evolutionary constrained optimization /cgi-bin/koha/ FEEDBACK CONTROL OF DYNAMIC BIPEDAL ROBOT LOCOMOTION by Westervelt,Eric R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Fluid mechanics [in SI units] by Cengel, Yunus A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Fundamentals of machine design [v.1] by Singh, Ajeet /cgi-bin/koha/ Fundamentals of polymer science for engineers by Fakirov, Stoyko /cgi-bin/koha/ Fundamentals of radiation materials science by Was, Gary S. /cgi-bin/koha/ Hybrid electric vehicles by Mi, Chris /cgi-bin/koha/ Hybrid polymer composite materials /cgi-bin/koha/ Intelligent control design and MATLAB simulation by Jinkun, Liu /cgi-bin/koha/ Introduction to multicopter design and control by Quan,Quan /cgi-bin/koha/ Lecture notes in computational science and engineering [v.104] /cgi-bin/koha/ Materials selection for natural fiber composites by Al-Oqla, Faris M. /cgi-bin/koha/ Mechanical systems by Gans, Roger F. /cgi-bin/koha/ Mechanical vibration by Kovacic, Ivana /cgi-bin/koha/ Mechanics of flow-induced sound and vibration [v.2] by Blake, William K. /cgi-bin/koha/ MECHANICS OF MATERIALS by Higdon, Archie /cgi-bin/koha/ Micro and nanomanufacturing [v.2] /cgi-bin/koha/ Microforming technology by Jiang, Zhengyi /cgi-bin/koha/ Micromechanics and nanomechanics of composite solids /cgi-bin/koha/ Modeling and approximation in heat transfer by Glicksman, Leon R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Multivariable predictive control by Lahiri, Sandip Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Nondestructive evaluation by Bray, Don E. /cgi-bin/koha/ Nonlinear solid mechanics for finite element analysis by Bonet, Javier /cgi-bin/koha/ Nuclear engineering by Joyce, Malcolm /cgi-bin/koha/ Numerical methods by Jain, M. K. /cgi-bin/koha/ Numerical methods in engineering with MATLAB by Kiusalaas, Jaan /cgi-bin/koha/ Pipe inspection robots for structural health and condition monitoring by Ogai, Harutoshi /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles and applications of metal rolling by Ray, Siddhartha /cgi-bin/koha/ Recent advances in evolutionary multi-objective optimization /cgi-bin/koha/ Robot-oriented design by Bock, Thomas /cgi-bin/koha/ Robust adaptive control for fractional-order systems with disturbance and saturation by Chen, Mou /cgi-bin/koha/ Rubber science /cgi-bin/koha/ Smart maintenance for human-robot interaction by Xing, Bo /cgi-bin/koha/ Sound topology, duality, coherence and wave-mixing: an introduction to the emerging new science of sound by Deymier, Pierre /cgi-bin/koha/ SYSTEMS APPROACH TO COMPUTER-INTEGRATED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING by Singh,Nanua /cgi-bin/koha/ The story of numbers by Mallik, Asok Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Theoretical and experimental modal analysis /cgi-bin/koha/ THEORY OF POINT ESTIMATION by Lehmann, Erich Leo /cgi-bin/koha/ Transport phenomena in microfluidic systems by Panigrahi, Pradipta Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Trends and applications in advanced polymeric materials /cgi-bin/koha/ Tribology by Hutchings, Ian /cgi-bin/koha/ Vibration of mechanical systems by Sinha, Alok /cgi-bin/koha/ Vibrations of rotating machinery [v.1] basic rotordynamics : introduction to practical vibration analysis /cgi-bin/koha/ Wheeled mobile robotics /cgi-bin/koha/